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Revised February 7, 2017

This is a tentative effort that began with the idea of putting my father's extensive research into his ancestry into an online form. I have expanded it to include my mother's ancestry. My daughter Barbara has helped.

Charts are linked from the index of names on the right. On the charts, names in boldface blue are links to individual biographical information. An arrow pointing right in a chart: is a link to the next chart back in time. An arrow pointing left: is a link to next chart forward in time.

Up to four generations back (from me) I have found as many (possible) ancestors as there should be: thirty-two of thirty-two in the fourth generation. Before the fourth generation, the numbers of ancestral names drops rapidly. By the fifteenth past generation, there are (at this writing) only five ancestral names out of a possible maximum of more than sixty-five thousand.


Online research has produced conflicting and confusing information. No dates can be trusted, and everything is subject to change.[1] No source lacks opportunities for errors in recording and transcription. Moreover, the data may reflect flights of wishful thinking, or even deliberate misrepresentations, and omit indiscretions and adoptions.

Three ancestral lines are particularly troubling.

One goes back beyond the Norman Conquest to Eadnoth the Staller (or perhaps Alnoth the Constable?)(thirtieth generation), whose grandson, Robert Fitz-Harding, became first lord of Berkeley in Gloucestershire. Any line that goes to an aristocrat is suspect, especially when that line includes nine men with the fairly common name John Browning between the fifth and nineteenth generations.

Another dubious line goes to Richard Henry Lee (eighth generation), born 1613, a wealthy planter and shipowner who emigrated to Virginia in the middle seventeenth century and held significant political posts in the colony.

Finally, various sources trace the ancestors of the Burnett family of Aberdeen, Scotland, to one Roger Burnard, born before 1180, whose son Alexander Burnard, who was born in 1274, that is, when his father would have been at least ninety-four years old.

Five generations later, this line leads to another Alexander Burnard, born before 1448, who was the first baron of Leys. Supposedly, the surname Burnard becomes Burnett at about this time – not an obvious evolution.

Four generations later, a supposed descendant of the first baron, John Burnett, was born in 1540 and is said to have married Elizabeth Lumsden, born in about 1521 – and so about nineteen years older than her reputed husband. Their reputed oldest son, Alexander, who inherited the family titles, is said to have been born in 1540, and so cannot have been the son of the John Burnett who also was born in 1540, even though some sources list him as such. That John Burnett seems to have married Isabel Johnston, born in 1549, who was the mother of Thomas Burnett, a merchant in Aberdeen, killed by Royalists during the conflicts of the middle 17th century.

Considering that Alexander Burnett, the son of Elizabeth Lumsden, cannot be a direct ancestor, I have decided that Burnetts prior to the John Burnett born in 1540 should not be included in the charts.

Problems with Geography

Chesapeake Bay and the upper Rhine River valley are the principal geographical problem areas.

In Virginia and Maryland, counties have been divided repeatedly, so some uncertainty arises about the location of some early immigrants.

Moreover, here and elsewhere in developing America, whether a name refers to a county or a city may not be clear.

But the upper Rhine River valley presents far more difficulties. What is now Germany was, in the 18th century, divided into feudal states under the Holy Roman Empire (neither holy nor Roman nor an empire, as Voltaire observed.) Boundaries changed from time to time as dynasties shifted and local rulers clashed and bargained. I am not altogether confident that I have matched place names with the correct states at the correct times.

Problems with Names

Prior to the late 19th century, and sometimes later, many people seem to have been indifferent to how their names were spelled. Johannes Gottfried Leipp, for example, is shown as Johannes Gdfryt Leyb in the manifest of the ship that brought him to America in 1727. His children took the surname Lieb, and one grandson was known as Leonard Lipe.

My father's father's father spelled his name differently at different times, and so my great uncle was known as Clarence Swartz while his brother, my grandfather, was A.E. Schwartz.

The other problem with names is the tendency of people to name their children after their uncles, aunts, and siblings. Thus, for example, there was a great profusion of John Brownings, four in a row among the presumed ancestors between 1448 and 1588, and many more living during the same period to complicate the search.


So why collect all this data? Apart from wanting to provide access to my father's work, on which he spent several years, ancestors (even hypothetical ancestors) are a doorway into history – not so much the history of kings and battles as the more obscure history of relatively ordinary people. (The fact that their names and some information about their lives were recorded suggests they were not quite ordinary.) By only the fifth past generation, twenty-five of sixty-four ancestors have disappeared from the record, so far as known at this point.

I hope to add as many individual biographical pages including historical context as possible, but at this point I have only just begun that part of the project.

The genetic influence of any individual ancestor several generations back (or even a few) seems likely to be slight. But without each one of those ancestors, I would not be here. The choices they made, and the choices forced on them, formed my part in this world, for good or ill.

(On that basis, adopted persons have twice the task, genealogically; both the adopted and genetic families lead to them.)


In the thirtieth generation in the past, circa AD 1000, there are a theoretical 1,073,741,824 potential ancestors. But that's impossible.

Common estimates of world population in 1000 range from 254 million to 345 million, and in 1100 from 301 million to 320 million See World Population Estimates.

A chart found on the Fordham University website Medieval Sourcebook: Tables on Population in Medieval Europe gives estimates of two million in the British Isles in AD 1000, four million in Germany and Scandinavia, and twelve million in northwestern Europe as a whole. That jumps to 35.5 million in 1340 and then falls to 22.5 million in 1450 – 16.5 million in 1340 for Britain, Germany and Scandinavia, and 10.3 million in 1450. It seems that at some point in the thirteenth or fourteenth century, the number of names needed to complete the chart finally fell below the number of people in Europe to whom those names might belong (before considering possible non-European components).

How can it be that the whole world population in the year 1000 was only a third to a fourth of the number of people needed to complete an ancestry chart?

A child of second cousins – spouses who share a set of great-grandparents – has one-eighth fewer ancestors in a given generation than a child of unrelated spouses; marriages between cousins (of various degrees) explain the discrepancy between the arithmetic of ancestry and estimates of past populations.


1. For example, see the census summaries in the Albert Lee biography. His year of birth is different from the year on his headstone. His mother's birthplace is given variously as Washington, D.C., and England, although we can be reasonably sure she was born in Yamhill County, Oregon, in 1845 or 1846. Obviously, census takers didn't always get accurate information from whomever in a household happened to have been at home when they called.

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Links to Ancestry Charts
Indexed by Past Generation

• late 19th century to later 20th century (4/4)

Ola Bishop (1889-1983)
Albert Lee (1881-1957)
Alpha White (1897-1981)
A.E. Schwartz (1894-1965)

• middle 19th century to middle 20th century (8/8)
• first great-grandparents

Nancy Childers (1857-1902)
Elias Bishop (1849-1924)
Elvira Packwood (1845-1918)
Andrew Jackson Lee (1844-1888)
Almeda Amanda Ambrosier (1873-1948)
Alva Asbury White (1866-1947)
Emma May Paddy (1876-1973)
William J. Schwartz (1863-1939)

• early-middle 19th century to early 20th century (16/16)
• second great-grandparents

Hannah Doing (1836-1889)
Richard Childers (1835-1918)
Susanna Jane Utterback (1825-1846)
John W. Bishop (1828-1879)
Abigail Tinder (1809-1851)
John Ira Packwood (1804-1879)
Nancy Wheeler (1802-1884)
(John?) Miller Lee (1799-1854)
Sara Louisa Grogg (1848-1938)
George Ambrosier (1848-1931)
Margaret Ann Mahon (Mahan?) (1845-1916)
Samuel French White (1835-1918)
Louisa Jane Brown (1851-1910)
John Edwin Paddy (1841-1926)
Luana Browning (1844-1910)
Horatio Schwartz (1835-1921)

• late 18th century to middle-late 19th century (32/32)
• third great-grandparents

Nancy Patterson (c. 1797-?)
Robert Doing (c. 1793-?)
Margaret (Peggy) McCauley (1802-1849)
Richard Childers (1800-1852)
Mathilda Hanks (1788-1863)
Benjamin Utterback (1784-1848)
Elizabeth Grant Schukill (1806-?)
Elias Bishop (1797-1873)
Tabitha Redding (1774-1844)
(Rev.) James Tinder II (1776-1865)
Mary "Polly" Burnett (1776-?)
Elisha Packwood (1773-1865)
Nancy B. Hewitt (1776-1850)
William Wheeler (1802-1884)
Margaret (Peggy) Carson (1781-1860)
William Miller Lee (1769-c.1870?)
Anna Bower (1815-1897)
Abraham Daniel Grogg (1809-1887)
Catherine Ann Decker (1817-1848)
Jacob Ambrosier (1818-1876)
Elizabeth Logan (1822-?)
William Mahon (1817-?)
Mary Ann Wintrode (1805-1888)
Michael Earlocker White, Sr. (1806?-1881)
Mary Davy (c. 1821-?)
Jonson Brown
Sarah Rowe (c. 1822-?)
Richard Paddy (c. 1818-?)
Lydia Dry (1824-?)
William R. Browning (1810-1866)
Sarah Pyle (1807-1895)
Edward Schwartz (1800-?)

• middle 18th century to middle 19th century (41/64)
• fourth great-grandparents

Elizabeth Hambleton (?-1854)
Joshua Armstrong Doing (1769-1846)
Mary Dale (1765-1806)
Abner Hanks (1763-1846)
Teresa (Tary) McDaniel (1775-before 1850)
Elias Bishop (1765-before 1802)
Isaac Redding (1747-c. 1796)
Sarah (Tinder) (1739-?)
James Tinder (1735-?)
Elizabeth Tate (1765?)
John Burnett (1761-1827)
Elizabeth P. Turner (1747-1845)
Samuel Packwood Jr. (1749-1845)
Morning (Hewitt) (?-1823)
John Hewitt (c. 1750-c. 1834)
Mary Marcy Tisdale (1740-1800)
John Wheeler
Elizabeth Miller (c. 1740-c. 1792
Richard Henry Lee (c. 1707-after 1792)
Catherine Hauck (1775-1849)
Matthias Bower (1774-1849)
Mary Snyder (1781-1876)
Solomon Grogg (1784-1841)
Jane Luke
Aaron Decker
Sarah Secrist (1780-1866)
Mathias Ambrosier (1776-1859)
Elizabeth (Catherine?) (Logan) (1800-1884)
William Logan (1774-1825)
Isabel Henry (1777-1883)
James Mahon (1765-1830)
Catherine Earlocker (1780-1828)
John White (1780-1828)
Barbara Lipe (1795-1880)
Daniel Dry
Nancy Kitchen (1782-?)
John Browning (1782-1857)
Mary (Polly) Wells (1782-?)
John Pyle (1782-1806)
Catherine Kimmel (1774-1844)
Jacob Schwartz (1760-1842)

• early-middle 18th century to early-middle 19th century (32/128)
• fifth great-grandparents

Alice Dodson (1733 or 1734-1802)
Thomas Dale (1730 or 1772)
Susanna Dale
John Hanks (1728-c. 1810)
Sarah Bouton (1722-?)
Joseph Bishop (1715-?)
Timothy Redding
Sara Small
Isaac Burnett
Penelope Stout (Stuart?) (1720-?)
Samuel Packwood (1720-?)
Elizabeth Hill
John Tisdale, Sr. (1715-1785)
Mary Young (1619-?)
Richard Lee (c. 1677-1726)
John Ambrosier (1717-1778)
John Logan
Anastasia Young (1785-?)
Michael Earlocker
Ortho White (1753-?)
Leonard Lipe (1763-1848)
Morning (Kitching) (1745-1835)
James Kitching (1744-1818)
Margaret Purnell (1762-?)
Levi Browning (1758-1839)
Elizabeth "Betsy" Bates (1749-?)
Lewis Wells Sr. (1755-1846)
Sarah Brazier (1744-c. 1815)
John Pyle Jr. M.D. (1746-c. 1818)
Juliana Ruby (1747-1811)
George Kimmel (1743-1818)
Catharina Schweig (1738-1780)
Johann Georg Schwartz (1720-1799)

• late 17th century to late 18th century (38/256)
• sixth great-grandparents

Alice Goad (?-1767)
Fortunatus Dodson (1704-1736)
Winifred Southern (1692-?)
Abraham Dale (c. 1690-?)
Catherine (Hanks)
John Hanks (1681-c. 1740
Mary White? (c. 1695-?)
Jachin Bouton (c. 1705-after 1765)
Waitstill Green
Stephen Bishop II
Mary McDaniel
Jeremiah Burnett (1718-?)
Ann Pleasant (1687-1752)
William Tisdale (c. 1691-c. 1751
Alice Felton (1650-c. 1703)
William Lee (1646-?)
Mathias Ambrosier (c. 1695-?)
Agnes (White)
Elisha White (c. 1728-?)
Barbara Rudisill (c. 1740-1807)
Johannes Godfrey Leib (1740-before 1790)
Elizabeth Odum (1718-?)
James Kitching (1715-1762)
(Unknown) Duncan
John Browning (IV) (1704-c. 1780)
Anna Smith (1733-1762)
Joseph Bates (1730-1762)
Susannah Cole (1734 or 1735-?)
Thomas Wells (1724-1755)
Sarah Constance (c. 1701-?)
Thomas Brazier (c. 1701-c. 1779)
Sarah Baldwin (c. 1723-before 1790)
John Pyle Sr. M.D. (1723-1804)
Mary Magdalena Fortineux (1720-?)
Caspar Rubi (1720-1786)
Anna Elizabeth Voltz (1700-?)
Johann Philip Kimmel (1695-1777)
Johann Jakob Schwartz (1682/83-1727/28)

• late 17th century to middle 18th century (35/512)
• seventh great-grandparents

Catherine Williams (?-1741)
Abraham Goad (1665-1743)
Eleanor (Southern)
Thomas Southern (?-1704)
Sarah Woodbridge (c. 1653-unknown)
William Hanks (1654 or 1655-1704)
Mary Gregory (1669-?)
Joseph Bouton (1665-1746)
Mercy Slawson (1662-1735)
Stephen Bishop (1664-1722)
Amy Gatewood (?-after 1749)
John Burnett (before 1660-1718)
Mary Ann Hunter (1668-1723)
William Tisdale (1666-1706)
Anna Constable Owen (1615-1706)
Richard Henry Lee (1613-1664)
Elisabeth Hamsbacher (c. 1711-?)
John Jacob Rudisuhle (1706-1785)
Anna Margaretha Hirtzel (1701-?)
Johannes Leipp (1696-c. 1755)
Rachel Marriot (c. 1673-?)
Francis Browning (1672-1723)
Frances Barnfather (c. 1700-?)
John Wells Sr. (c. 1700-?)
Patrick Constancey (c. 1675-?)
Elizabeth (Brashier)
William B. Brashier Sr. (c. 1674-1708)
Sarah Cloud (c. 1697-?)
John Baldwin (1697-1744)
Sarah Owen (1703-?)
Samuel Pyle M.D. (1700-1749)
Verena Murner (1685-?)
Jacob Rubi (1685-?)
Andrew Voltz (c. 1675-?)
Anna Margarethe Souter
Johann Michael Kümmell (1662-1734)
Hans Konrad Schwartz (1638-?)

• early-middle 17th century to early 18th century (45/1,024)
• eighth great-grandparents

Eve Smyth (c. 1642-1705)
John Williams (?-1706)
Ann (Goad)
John Goad (?-1766)
Bridget Fitzherbert
Paul Woodbridge (1631-?)
Elizabeth Lee (c. 1602-?)
Thomas Hanks (?-1674)
Abigail Marvin (?-c. 1680-1681)
John Bouton (1636-1707)
Elizabeth (Green) (c. 1659-1721)
Joseph Green (c. 1656-1710)
Sarah Tuttle (1642-1676)
George Slawson (1616-1695)
Rebecca Goodyear (1626-1679)
(Rev.) John Bishop (1610-1694)
Lucretia Johnson (1629-1709)
John Burnett (1610-1685 or 1686)
Mary Martha Molene (1640-1695)
John Willam Tisdale (1640-1690)
Jane Hancock (c. 1590-1639)
John Lee (1584-?)
Tobias Hamsbacher
Cleophe Neff (1671-1758)
Hans Jakob Rudisuhle (1666-1749)
Anna Sinter (c. 1663-1738)
Clemens Hirtzel (c. 1658-1707)
Maria Agnes Orth
Hans Rudolph Leippe (1668-?)
Elizabeth (Barnfather) (1674-1732)
Anthony Barnfather (1675-1723)
Elizabeth Simmons (1649-1689)
John Browning (1640-1690)
Elizabeth Bailey
Jeremiah Cloud (1658-?)
Cicely Coebourne (1657-?)
Francis Baldwin (1657-1702)
Abigail Bushell (1688-?)
Nicholas Pyle (1666-1716)
Catherine Muller
Anthoni Murner (1658-?)
Anna Katharina Gebfert (Callet?) (1657-1691)
Peter Rubi (1653-1711)
Anna Marie Knebel (1638-?)
Hans Konrad Kümmell (1635-after 1667)

• late 16th century to late 17th century (37/2,048)
• ninth great-grandparents

Phoebe Hawes (?-1678)
Richard Goad (1618-1683)
Elizabeth (Woodbridge) (1612-?)
John Woodbridge (1602-?)
Grace or Elizabeth Wells (1572-?)
Thomas Hancks (1570-?)
Elizabeth (Marvin) (1604-?)
Mathew Marvin (1600-1680)
Alice Kellogg (1600-1680)
John Bouton (1615-1645)
Mary (Goodyear) (1603-1646)
Stephen Goodyear (1598-1657)
Janet Matheson (1582-?)
Andrew Johnston (1585-?)
Margaret Johnson
Thomas Burnett (1574-1644)
Jocy Romney (1529-1609
John (Johannes) Lee (1530-1605
Katharina Endris (1645-1677)
Ulrich Neff (c. 1645-1678)
Margaretha Nayer (1641-1709?)
Hans Sinter (1630-1689?)
Maria Steiner (1646-?)
Hans Heinrich Hirzel (1619-1663)
Hester Thomas (c. 1620-1705)
Thomas Browning (1620-c. 1676?)
Elizabeth Cockfield (1637-?)
Thomas Coebourne (1630-1698)
Mary (Baldwin) (1635-1683)
William Baldwin (1631-1670)
Sarah Webb
Joseph Bushell (Bouchell)
Edith Musprat (1635-1676)
Nicholas Pyle (1624/1625-1656?)
Verena Muller (1635-?)
Gilg Muller (1632-?)
Barbara Jaggi
Hans Rubi (1605-?)
Konrad Kümmell (1610-1695)

• middle 16th century to middle 17th century (38/4,096)
• tenth great-grandparents

Thomas Hancks
Margaret (Marvin) (1559-1633)
Edward Marvin (1545-1615)
Alice Pratt (1578-?)
John Kellogg (1554-?)
Susanna Baxter (1575-?)
Zachary Goodyear (c. 1572-1613)
Elspet Raitt
William Mathison
Elspeth Drum
William Johnston
Isabel Johnston (1549-1629)
John Burnett (1540-1612)
(Unknown) Hoke (1513-?)
Thomas Lee (c. 1509-?)
Anna Maria Hoffman (c. 1620-1675)
Mathias Endris (1620-1701)
Regina Zimmerman (1629-1679)
Rodolf Neff (c. 1615-1677)
Elizabeth Durz (1620-1653)
George Nayer (1616-1663)
Catharina Kaufman (1607-1700)
Hans Sinter (1604-1669)
Maria Frey
Madalen Keller (1581-?)
Jacob Hirzel (c. 1580-before 1634)
Elizabeth Demaron (1582-?)
John Browning (1588-1635)
Anne Bollen (c. 1612-?)
Henry Coebourne (1610-?)
Thomas Musprat (1609-?)
Mary (Marie?) Withers (1604-1666)
John Pyle (1594-1651)
Dichtlin von Kanel (c. 1579-?)
Hans Rubi (1579-?)
Eckart Kummell (1550-?)

• early 16th century to early 17th century (27/8,192)
• eleventh great-grandparents

George Hancks (1505-?)
Johan (Marvin) (1519-?)
Reynold Marvin (1514-1556)
Margaret Butler (c. 1545-1578)
William Baxter (c. 1545-1583)
Margaret Haye (1520-1559)
William Johnston (1522-1547)
Anna (Hoffman) (1598-?)
Michael Hoffman (1595-1701?)
Anna Lussi (1609-1644)
Casper Zimmerman (1594-after 1649)
Maria Walther
Michael Durr (1597-1675)
Maria Schubert
Hans Schneider (1579-1660)
Madalen Bassart (Bossart)
Hans Keller (c. 1547-?)
Margaret Clench (1558-?)
Edmund Demaron (1556-?)
Mary Codrington
John Browning (1554-?)
Joan Webb (c.1589-?)
Nicholas Byffen (c.1587-?)
Thomas Withers (1578-?)
Christina (von Kanel)
During von Kanel (1559-?)
Elsbeth Muller (1544-?)
Hans Rubi (1540-?)
Ludwig Koemmel (1515-?)

• 15th and 16th centuries (18/16,384)
• twelfth great-grandparents

John Hancks (1470-?)
Clara Barclay (1483-1521)
James Gilbert Johnson (c. 1481-1548)
Andreas Hoffman (1568?-?)
Barbeli Vollenweider (1581-?)
Heini Lussi
Elizabeth Winterlin (1560-?)
Heinrich Zimmerman (1560-?)
Susanna Reisz
Peter Schneider
Anna Meyer (c. 1525-?)
Anthony Keller (c. 1520-?)
Elizabeth Gosnold (1532-1556)
George Demaron (1519-1575)
Joan Tovey
John Browning (1519-?)
Hans Muller (1520-?)
Henrich Komel (1493-?)

• 15th and 16th centuries (7/32,768)
• thirteenth great-grandparents

Elizabeth Arbuthnot (1460-1506)
Patric Berclay (1459-1516)
Mary Vesey (1517-1559)
Robert Gosnold (1514-1559)
Christian (Christina?) Webb
John Browning (1493-1515)
Henrich der Jung Komell (1470-?)

• 15th and 16th centuries (9/65,536)
• fourteenth great-grandparents

Elizabeth Durham (1431-1488)
David Arbuthnot (c. 1423-1470)
Griselda Guilda Leslie (c. 1435-1460)
William Berclay (1435-1459)
Katherine Froth (1500-1560)
Robert Vesey (1490-1561)
Elizabeth Parsons
Richard Browning (1468-?)
Henrich der Alt Komel (c.1450-?)

• 15th century (8/131,072)
• fifteenth great-grandparents

John Durham (?-1447)
Giles Ogilvy (1408-1468)
Robert Arbuthnot (c. 1405-1450)
Agnes Warren (1448-1493)
Arthur Vesey (1429-1493)
Margaret Harding
John Browning (1440-?)
Ludwig Komel (1430-?)

• 15th century (7/262,144)
• sixteenth great-grandparents

Isabel Glen (1380-1421)
Margaret Keith (c. 1390-?)
Walter Ogilvy (c. 1375-1440)
Michael Durham (1367-?)
Hugh Arbuthnot (c. 1373-1446)
William Browning (1408-?)
Dilmanus Kumel (1408-?)

• 14th and 15th centuries (4/524,288)
• seventeenth great-grandparents

Margaret Douglas (1348-1372)
Philip Arbuthnott (c. 1330-1400)
Elinor Fitz-Nycholl (1374-1418)
John Browning (c. 1369-?)

• 14th century (8/1,048,576)
• eighteenth great-grandparents

William Durham (1322-?)
Hugh Aberbothnoth (c.1311-1355)
Margary (Fitz-Nycholl) (1354-1412)
(Sir) Thomas Fitz-Nycholl (c. 1354-1418)
Alice Maltravers (Mautravers) (1327-1415?)
John Browning (c. 1335-c. 1364)

• 14th century (3/2,097,152)
• nineteenth great-grandparents

(Sir) Reynald Fitz-Nycholl (c. 1327- before 1375)
Joan Foliot (c. 1304-1349)
(Sir) John Maltravers (Mautravers) (1266-1341)

• 14th century (5/4,194,304)
• twentieth great-grandparents

Joanna (Fitz-Nycholl)
(Sir) John Fitz-Nycholl (?-1375)
Walter Foliot (1270-1312)
Joan (Maltravers) (1239-1312)
(Sir) John Maltravers (Mautravers) (1235-?)

• 13th and 14th centuries (2/8,388,608)
• twenty-first great-grandparents

Matilda Ranne
Nicholas Fitz-Radulf (1261-1312)

• 13th century (1/16,777,216)
• twenty-second great-grandparents

Radulf Fitz-Nicholas (?-c. 1291)

• 13th century (2/33,554,432)
• twenty-third great-grandparents

Sybil de Elmore
Nicholas Fitz-Roger (?-1261)

• 12th and 13th centuries (2/67,108,864)
• twenty-fourth great-grandparents

Hawise Paynel (?-after 1197)
Roger Fitz-Nicholas (?-1230)

• 12th and 13th centuries (2/134,217,728)
• twenty-fifth great-grandparents

Ala DeTickenham (1130-1195)
Nicholas Fitz-Robert (c. 1124-1189)

• 11th and 12th centuries (3/268,435,456)
• twenty-sixth great-grandparents

Guy (Guido) Fitz-Tece (De Tickenham)
Eva Fitz-Estmond (c. 1099-1170)
Lord Robert Fitz-Harding of Berkeley (c. 1095-1171)

• 11th century (4/536,870,912)
• twenty-seventh great-grandparents

Godiva (Godifu)
(Sir) Estmond Fitz-Eadnoth (c. 1047)
Lividia De Meriet (c. 1073-1101)
Harding Fitz-Eadnoth (c. 1060-after 1125)

• 11th century (2/1,073,741,824)
•twenty-eighth great-grandparent

Rissa De Montgomery (1044-1090 [1069?])
Eadnoth the Staller (c. 1030-1068)