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Last revised Wednesday, May 21, 2013. (I'm not maintaining this page with the intensity I managed during the run-up to the November 2012 election, but nonetheless, I am maintaining it.)

Including links to media and political websites, newspaper articles, blog posts, voting records, Facebook pages, YouTube posts, and financial reports to the state Public Disclosure Commission and the Federal Election Commission.

Final official results of the November 6 election for Clark County (PDF)

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About This Page

This page is intended as a non-partisan, continuously-updated aggregation of links to information about office holders in the Third Congressional District and the Forty-Ninth Legislative District, and about local party organizations.

Sources are neither screened for bias nor commented upon. There would be no point in doing this if I consciously tilted the sources to produce a partisan effect.

Although I am a lifelong Democrat, I believe in maintaining an open mind and doing one's best to understand the point of view of one's political opponents.

Notes regarding the PCO Liberty Alliance

The "Recent/General Newspaper Articles/Posts" section includes links related to a conflict within the local Republican Party.

It appears that the conflict arose out of the dissatisfaction with the GOP county convention among delegates for presidential candidates other than Romney, leading to the organization of the PCO Liberty Alliance. The point of PCOLA is (or was?) to elect Republican precinct committee officers favorable to a more conservative point of view than its organizers attribute to the county Republican "establishment."

Two persons have been the public face of PCOLA, Daniel Poletti, a blogger with ties to the Ron Paul campaign, and Christian Spartacus Berrigan, who describes himself as a Santorum delegate to the convention.

Mr. Berrigan appears to have been the organizer of a controversial demonstration against CRC tolls and in favor of David Madore, Republican candidate for county commissioner, in which Mr. Poletti was also involved. See Columbian, Friday, October 26, 2012: Toll-sign creator has change of heart; After speaking with WSDOT, he shares concern over safety , and Columbian, October 23, 2012 , 2012: Toll signs attract state's attention; It says effort supporting David Madore violates highway laws. According to the Columbian, "Madore’s campaign manager, Anna Miller, said the Madore campaign did not contribute to the signs."

Third Congressional District

Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R)

From "Jobs and Our Economy" congressional page (Link) (accessed 4/29/12):

Reverse government overspending: The first step Congress can take to empower job creators is stop government’s disastrous habit of overspending. Right now, the federal government is borrowing 41 cents for every dollar it spends and adding to a federal debt that is more than $15 trillion. That level of spending continues to result in more and bigger tax burdens on small business.

By reversing the trend of overspending, we’re allowing businesses to leverage more of their capital, grow their operations, and hire people.

Reduce harmful and unnecessary regulations: Entrepreneurs and job creators rank overregulation as one of the biggest hurdles to building their business. Regulatory burdens cost businesses more than $1 trillion each year in this country.

For example: to date, the EPA has attempted to regulate and hamper biomass energy. Biomass has tremendous promise in our region, both as a source of jobs and as a means to produce clean, affordable energy. I want to see this source of energy thrive and bring jobs with it. I’ve been actively working with the EPA to recognize woody biomass as a clean, renewable source of energy.

Protecting Social Security page (Link) (accessed 4/29/12):

Millions of Americans who are retired or near retirement are counting on a promise made by the U.S. government that Social Security will be there for them. I will work to make sure Social Security is funded so that we can keep that promise. Privatizing Social Security is not an option and I do not support it.

The real threat to Social Security is overspending by politicians in Washington, DC. For years, they have taken money from the Social Security trust fund and left nothing but I.O.U.’s.

It is my job to help stop the overspending in other areas of government, so that we can put Social Security back on steady financial ground and keep our promises to those who depend on this program.


Recent/General Newspaper Articles/Posts
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Office Holders/Districts

49th Legislative District

49th Legislative District Precinct Maps Link

49th Legislative District: House Position 1

Rep. Sharon Wylie (D)

From party legislative page biography (accessed 4/29/12):

Sharon Wylie has more than 20 years of management, public relations and leadership experience in business, non-profits and government. Most recently, Sharon worked as a management consultant with business, non-profit and government clients. Prior to this she worked as Government Relations Officer for Clark County where she developed yearly legislative agendas, strategy and initiatives. Some of her successes while working for Clark County include:

Obtained funding for the Clark County Center for Community Health
Landed a new state crime lab for Vancouver
Helped save the county’s shortline railroad
Secured $40 million in state funding to complete the Salmon Creek-Interstate 5 interchange

Before working for Clark County, Sharon worked as a consultant for her own company, Wylie and Associates. From 1993-1998 Sharon served as an Oregon Legislator in State House District 22 in Gresham.

Sharon is a current board member and past president of Council for the Homeless of Clark County and current board member for the Affordable Community Environments, a low–income housing development non-profit

Sharon earned a BA in Political Science from UC Riverside. Her hobbies include backpacking, mountain climbing, and oil painting. Sharon resides in Vancouver with her husband and has adult twin daughters.

From "Jobs: Opportunity For All" party legislative page (Link) (accessed 5/6/12)

One Washington, with opportunity for all – we believe that everybody deserves a shot at the American Dream. That means building a better Washington – better school and universities, better highways and railroads, better quality of life – so our citizens can win the global race for the best jobs and so our businesses can continue to be world leaders in software, airplanes, agriculture and innovation.

Jobs Now

While the economy is bouncing back, people are still hurting. Construction workers are the hardest hit, with 30 percent unemployment on the west side and up to 60 percent unemployment east of the mountains. We can put folks in hard hats back to work, building a better Washington for our kids and grandkids.

To do that, we’re proposing something similar to what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Washington state Governor Dan Evans did when they faced tough times. They put people to work not with tax cuts or programs that theoretically might someday create some jobs – they hired people to clear trails, create parks, fix schools and build dams. They built things that we still use today.

The House is working with the Senate, businesses and labor unions on a similar proposal: Jobs Now, Washington’s Future. The complete proposal will be released next week and, if passed, people could be put to work as early as this spring.

Preparing students for jobs in the 21st century economy

Recognizing that there are multiple pathways to career success – HB 2170 requires that students receive information early in their educational experience about employment prospects and earnings, and about the different routes offered by educational and technical institutions to acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for specific jobs. It calls for the completion of a High School and Beyond Plan for each student to ensure that students have a clear and accurate understanding of what is needed to achieve their career goals.

High demand jobs for our citizens in the aerospace industry – HB 2156 directs community and technical colleges that work with training providers to align training and education programs with the workforce needs of the burgeoning aerospace and advanced materials management industries. It also calls on the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board to evaluate certain training programs every four years.

Expanding access to the aerospace training student loan program – HB 2292 adds Renton Technical College to the institutions that can access aerospace training loans. This loan program is highly successful and operates as a “revolving fund” as loan repayments are used to fund new loans.

Boosting employment and competitiveness

Spurring business innovation and job creation – HB 2482 improves the state’s Innovation Partnership Zone program. An IPZ is a collaborative effort in which the state encourages and supports research institutions, workforce training organizations and globally competitive companies – all working cooperatively in close geographic proximity – to create commercially viable products and jobs. To focus the program on the best frameworks for creating sustainable products and job growth, the bill requires an IPZ to be part of an industry cluster, which is defined as a geographic concentration of: interconnected companies in a single industry; related businesses in other industries, including suppliers and customers; and associated institutions, including government and education.

From Clark County Democrats Page (bluedonkeys.com) (accessed 4/27/12):

"I am a public affairs professional with 29 years of experience in advertising, communications, government affairs, and strategic planning. I began my career at the Vancouver Columbian newspaper in the Advertising Department.

"I went on to enter Congressional service as staff to two different United States Senators for over a decade, lobbied on the Federal and State levels for the American Cancer Society as Government Relations Director, oversaw communications for the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce as the Public Affairs Coordinator, and managed strategic planning for the local public transit provider, C-Tran as Strategic Planning Administrator.

"I currently serve on the Association of Washington Business Board of Directors, Washington State Hospital Association’s Public Policy Advisory Group, the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce’s Public Policy Advisory Committee, and Identity Clark County’s Governmental Affairs Roundtable."