[E.A. Schwartz]

• Twenty New York Photos 1973-74
• Twenty New York Photos 1974
• Nineteen New York Photos 1974-75
• Twenty New York Photos 1975
• Nineteen New York Photos 1975
I learned how to process film and make prints while working as an editor in the Associated Press bureau in Portland, Oregon, in 1973. Later that year I was transferred to New York as a photo editor. I bought a Nikon F, set up a darkroom in my apartment, and began taking pictures.

I sold some pictures to magazines and through the Gamma agency. I wanted to make photo essays like the ones I had seen in Life magazine when I was a child, but the day of the photo essay and magazines like Life had passed.

I kept at it until October 1975, when I decided to leave the AP and go back to Oregon. I hoped to set myself up as a freelancer but found there wasn't much demand. After that I took a few photos for publication as a part of other jobs editing a country weekly and a couple of small magazines in Portland and running a print production shop.